Things to do in Copenhagen

Things to do in Copenhagen

Experience Copenhagen by boot straight from the hotel

If you wish to experience Copenhagen at its best, then put on your walking shoes and a coffee in hand and enjoy our foot-friendly capital. You can also find more inspiration in our blog.

Things to do in Copenhagen​ - Kastellet – Langelinie – Amalienborg – Nyhavn

Kastellet - Langelinie - Amalienborg - Nyhavn

Starting at the hotel, you head south-east on Oslo Plads till you reach the south entrance of the Citadel (Kastellet). Take a stroll down Northern Europe’s most well-preserved fortifications. Walk through the beautiful facilities to the northern exit, which leads you directly to Langelinie. Here you’ll be able to greet the little mermaid and walk along the waterfront with sweeping views overlooking the Opera House. Further down Langelinie, you’ll enter the Royal Garden, Amaliehaven, leading on to Amalienborg – the impressive Residence of the Danish Royal Family. If you are lucky, you might see the changing of the guards or a royal car drive across the palace square. From here you can walk towards New Harbour (Nyhavn) where you can make a well-deserved pitch stop and enjoy lunch or a cold draught beer. Walk back to the hotel via Store Kongensgade.

Experience Copenhagen - Total distance is about 5.5 km.


Things to do in Copenhagen​ - Østerbrogade – Søerne – Fælledparken

Østerbrogade – The City Lakes (Søerne) - Fælledparken

Starting from the hotel, you head left on Dag Hammarskjölds Allé and walk onwards along Øster Søgade and the lake (Sortedams Sø). Follow the path around the lake until you reach Helgesensgade (by the little bird’s island). By the end of the road, you will find the southeast corner of Fælledparken. This old historic park has gone under significant renewal projects during the years resulting in many new sports facilities, fountains, playgrounds and much more. Here you can find some of the first magnolia introduced in Denmark. Find your way back to the hotel by passing the Danish National Stadium, PARKEN, and Østerbro Stadium and then follow Østerbrogade all the way back. If you need a break on the route, you can visit one of the many terrace cafés on Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads.

Experience Copenhagen - Total distance is about 5.8 km


Things to do in Copenhagen​ - Nyboder – Kongens Have – Botanisk have – Østre Anlæg

Nyboder – The King’s Garden (Kongens Have) – The Botanical Gardens – Østre Anlæg

Starting from the hotel, you head right until you reach the historic Nyboder district. These characteristic orange townhouses are more than 400 years old and originally built to house the national fleet. Walk towards the city centre until you see the big, gorgeous park, The King’s Garden (Kongens Have). Here you will find Rosenborg Castle and the beautiful Rose Garden. Continue to the corner of the park between Gothersgade and Øster Voldgade where you will find the southeast entrance to the Botanical Gardens. It’s very rare to witness this kind of unique tranquillity in the heart of a metropolis. But you certainly feel this when you step into the Botanical Gardens, which are home to more than 13,000 plant species. When you are ready to head back, make sure to pass through the park, Østre Anlæg, where you’ll find The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst).

Experience Copenhagen - Total distance is about 3.5 km

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