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Østerbrogade has a reputation for being a place where well-dressed mothers with prams rule, and is characterized by wide boulevards, beautiful green areas, organic bakeries and expensive apartments.

But it is also on Østerbro, you will find a wide range of some of the city's exclusive designer shops, as well as several of Copenhagen's best shops with luxury second hands stores. So if you are looking for a hotel on Osterbro, Hotel Østerport is the right place for you.

Østerbrogade in general

Østerbro consists of two districts (Inner and Outer Østerbro) and today there are approximately 80,000 people who live in the area. On Østerbrogade, there are many old and fine buildings that are also well preserved.

The exciting Østerbrogade

Østerbrogade offers many exciting and chic shops, cafes and restaurants. The street is always full of life and there are exciting events around the year. Østerbrogade has many unique shops that make the area special. Visit Østerbrogade today for a unique shopping experience.

You can go to to see all the many things Østerbro has to offer.