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Your Ultimate Guide to Cycling in Copenhagen

01 Mar 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen Cycling

Cycling is one of Copenhagen's favourite pastimes. Before you hop on a bike, read this guide to Copenhagen cycling.

Did you know that Copenhagen is the best bicycle city in the world?

It didn't earn this title for no reason! The Danish capital's innovation and investment in the world of cycling has impressed. And no wonder — Copenhagen spent €134 million over the last 10 years on improving cycling facilities and infrastructure.

There are bicycle-only bridges all over the city (and more in the works). Bike lanes are everywhere, integration providing people with shortcuts and convenience. It even has its own word for cities following the lead: to "Copenhagenize."

Are you ready to experience the world of Copenhagen? Then you need to do it how 67% of the locals do: on two wheels!

We're here to tell you why you should try Copenhagen cycling, how to get a bike, and ways you can stay safe and smart! Let's get cycling!

Why Try Copenhagen Cycling? 

If you want to ride with the best, this Danish city is the place to do it!

Almost everyone rides a bike, no matter the weather, age, gender, reason for the trip. So if anything, try cycling in Copenhagen just to say you've done it, too!

But there are also tangible reasons to try it. It's a fascinating look into an existence that thrives on two wheels. Residents are saving the environment, keeping their hearts healthy, exploring the outdoors. . .

Copenhagen locals ride an average of 3.0 km a day. It helps that cycling infrastructure is so safely laid out. A clear curb segregates cyclists from the vehicles.

Riding this much makes them healthier and happier individuals. And they've been doing it since they were kids! 49% of all children ages 11-15 ride bikes to school.

And every kilometre ridden gains the city €1 in health costs. There are even a reported 1.1 million fewer sick days — wow! That's a shocking and awesome improvement.

Plus, cycling is so accessible for tourists. There are bikes everywhere. Studies state that there are more bikes than people — 650,000 to 520,000!

Tourists can go about their regular day or try a guided tour. Whatever you do, try getting there on two wheels. Part of visiting Copenhagen is experiencing its cycling culture.

We've made an awesome three-day cycling itinerary that's perfect for tourists! It visits key historical and recreational spots around the city.

So now that you're sold on cycling. How do you get a bike?

How to Get a Bike in Copenhagen 

As we mentioned, there's a ton of bikes in Copenhagen. There are places all throughout the city that rent bikes, from hostels and hotels to bike shops. 

One of the most convenient ways to get a bike is through your hotel. Many hotels, Hotel Østerport included, provide bike rental right in the lobby. This cost-effective and quick method of renting a bike is popular among tourists.

Rent a bike, head out the front door, and get exploring! If you choose a hotel in a central area, you'll be surrounded by bike-accessible things to do. And you can ride your bike all the way home!

Copenhagen also has a public bike share called Bycyklen. These are electric bikes geared up with navigational tablets. There are over 100 Bycyklen stations throughout the city.

Bikes are permissible on buses for free, too. So if you need to hitch a longer ride, that's always an option. 

While you're riding, it's important to pay attention to the rules of the road. Here's how to be safe when cycling in Denmark!

Safety First: Traffic Rules for Cyclists 

Because cycling is so common, there are traffic laws in place to make sure that pedestrian and vehicle can coexist. These laws also help you navigate with your fellow cyclists. 

If you're new to cycling or a little nervous, try going during the off-hours. Rush hour is exactly that: a mad rush of cyclists! And most of them already know what they're doing.

But never fear. As long as you practice these guidelines, you should be fine:

  • Always ride on the right side of the lane
  • If you overtake another cyclist, do it on the left. Always check over your left shoulder
  • Always put your hand up in a "stop" motion (hand up high!) before stopping
  • Put your left arm out to signal a left turn; right hand out for right
  • Never ride against the flow of traffic
  • Don't take direct lefts. Cross to the opposite side of the street first, wait for a green light, then turn left
  • Pay attention to designated cyclist traffic lights
  • Listen for a bell, which means someone wants to pass you
  • Bicycles must always have front and rear lights from dusk until dawn. Most rentals have these already

Almost half of Copenhagen's residents commute to study or work on a bike. So if you're riding during rush hour, be especially aware of these laws.

They're very easy to follow! They're like the rules you'd follow when driving. Stay aware, be courteous and sure, and enjoy!

Experience Cycle City

There's a reason why Copenhagen cycling is popular.

It's efficient; it's healthy for you and the environment. It's fun and fast. It's one of the most inexpensive means of transportation.

Need we say more?

We want you to see for yourself why residents and tourists alike love riding their bikes here. So before you rent a bike, book a hotel that is central to all the hustle and bustle of the city. (Bonus points if they rent bikes — Hotel Østerport does!).

And before you hit the bike trails for a day of adventure, make sure you eat a hearty meal. Book direct with us now for an inexpensive hotel in a prime location — with free breakfast!

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