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Three days in Copenhagen - Cycling itinerary

11 Jan 2019

Our friends from Express your travel have written an article about their trip to Copenhagen. You can see a summary of the article down below in English or you can see the original article here.

Three days in Copenhagen - Cycling itinerary

The best way to visit Copenhagen is by bike. It allows you to enjoy the city to the full, as you would do by feet, but with the advantage of being faster and able to see all of the most important things in a few days. That's why we decided to suggest you a three-days itinerary in Copenhagen, obviously cycling.

Three days in Copenhagen - Place of departure: Hotel Østerport

Why choose the Hotel Østerport for your three days in Copenhagen?

Well, Hotel Østerport offers numerous solutions suitable for everyone, different types of rooms, with or without a buffet breakfast, very comfortable relax areas, a cozy bar where you can take breaks or watch football matches.


Moreover, the hotel is in a perfect location, it is easily reachable from the airport by train, in about twenty minutes. And it is the ideal starting point for the three-days itinerary in Copenhagen that we propose.

But most important, the Hotel Østerport offers you the possibility to rent bicycles and provides you a phone that will be your best travel guide, the Travel Buddy, with internet included and free calls to many countries.

Hotel Østerport

Three days in Copenhagen - The complete itinerary

Taken the necessary premises, we can now talk about the three-days cycling itinerary in Copenhagen.

Three Days in Copenhagen - Day 1

Stops: KastelletMermaidFountain of GefionAmalienborgMarmorkirkenNyhavnRosenborg slot  –  Torvehallerne  (city market) –  Cemetery AssistensTivoli

After a good and abundant breakfast at the Hotel Østerport the day can start in the best way, you can rent bicycles at the reception and take them immediately in front of the exit.

Starting from the Hotel by bike, move towards Kastellet, a star-shaped fortress, surrounded and protected by a moat, which houses 1700 army barracks, a charming mill, a chapel and a memorial. From here you can see the harbor where the elegant and fairy Mermaid awaits you. After the usual photos, you are ready to pick up the bikes and reach the beautiful fountain of Gefion.

Still following the port, you will find the beautiful Amalienborg Slot. The royal palace surrounds a huge square where at 12.00 you can watch the changing of the guard. You can choose to visit the palace or to go on with your tour and reach the Marmorkirken, where you can enter and admire it. Not far away you can get to Kongens Nytorv, which takes you to Nyhavn, the ancient port of the city, so much photographed and loved by travelers. Leave your bikes in the appositive spaces and take a walk around, you can choose to have lunch here, for example by tasting the typical Smørrerbrød.

After lunch, the Rosenborg Castle with its beautiful garden awaits you nearby, take a walk there like many citizens do and some photos like tourists. From Rosenborg Slot you can reach the city market (Torvehallerne), another place where to eat something typical.

Starting from the market, a 2 km ride takes you to the Assistens cemetery where you can pay homage to the writer Hans Christian Andersen, author of numerous fairy tales, including the Mermaid to whom the sculpture at the entrance of the port is dedicated.

After visiting the cemetery, end your first day in Copenhagen with lots of fun at the famous and unmissable Tivoli.

Marmorkirken og Rosenborg Castle


Three Days in Copenhagen - Day 2

Stops: Nyboders MindestuerDavid CollectionRundetarnLego Store Christiansborg Slot – ChristianiaChurch of our Saviour

As the first stop of the second day of the Copenhagen cycling itinerary we suggest Nyboders Mindestuer, very close to the Hotel Østerport. A series of yellow-ocher blocks of houses, which was born as a public housing at the behest of Christian IV. Take a tour of this particular neighborhood and then leave the houses behind you and head to the David Collection, the largest collection of Islamic art in northern Europe.

After this interesting free museum, take your bike and move towards the center of the city to visit some of the city's most famous and unmissable sights, such as the fascinating Rundetarn, once home of the Danish astronomical institute, today a unique tourist destination. Go up to the top to admire the beautiful panorama of the city.

Denmark is famous for being the birthplace of the inventor of one of the most beloved toy of all time, Lego, so you can not give up visiting the Lego Store in Copenhagen and spend a few minutes immersed in this world.

After playing a little and being kids again, pick up your bikes and continue towards the Christiansborg Palace, make a short stop here to admire the palace and then continue towards Christiania, the hippie district of the city, a unique place that deserves a visit. Have a nice tour here and then go visit the unmissable Church of our Savior and its particular tower that offers a breathtaking view of the city. The perfect ending for your second day in Copenhagen.


The last of the three days in Copenhagen

Stops: Design Museum Strøget (Shopping street) RådhuspladsStatue of Andersen   Ny Carlsberg Glypotetek – Visit Carlsberg


The last day of the visit has arrived, after a hearty breakfast, take the bicycle and go to the first stop of the three-days itinerary in Copenhagen, the Design Museum. Here you’ll be fascinated by the many and very special design objects and you’ll have the right inspiration for your shopping in the Strøget (second stage). 

After a few hours in the shopping street it's time to go to see the Rådhusplads, the Town Hall Square, where the Copenhagen City Hall is located. Admire the palace and then look for the statue of the writer Andersen, in one of its corners.


Now it’s time to move towards the Ny Carlsberg Glypotetek, the art museum founded by Carl Jacobsen Carlsberg with the purpose of exhibite his important collection of works.

After this visit, you just have to continue with the legacies of Mr. Carlsberg and go to visit the historic brewery. Enjoy the place and the beer included in the ticket, your tour of the Danish capital ends in this way.


It's time to get the bikes and go back to the hotel to pack your bags.

Say goodbye to Copenhagen and get ready to leave.



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