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Frosty Adventures: The 8 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

05 Dec 2018

Are you wondering whether it's too cold to enjoy yourself in Copenhagen this time of year? It's not! Here are 8 awesome things to do in Copenhagen in winter.

With twinkling lights reflecting in meandering canals and soft landscapes coated in snow, few things are more magical than Denmark in winter. And if you want to make the most of a visit to the country in the colder months, there's no better destination than Copenhagen.

From Christmas markets and food markets to ice rinks and canal tours, there is an endless number of things to do in Copenhagen in winter.

Keep reading for 8 things you can't miss on your next winter visit.

1. Wander a Christmas Market

There's nothing more picturesque than a Christmas Market in Copenhagen.

With charming huts adorned with lights and decorations, selling trinkets and decorations straight out of an old world Christmas dream, these markets are a hallmark of any winter visit to the city.

There are a number of markets throughout the city, each more charming than the next. In each, you'll find a winter wonderland that you'll want to wander for hours.

Luckily, you'll find plenty of options for refuelling or warming up in between browsing ornaments and souvenirs.

For a true Danish experience, grab a warm mug of Gløgg, a sweet mulled wine with raisins and almonds mixed in.

2. Christmas Shop at Strøget

If you're looking for Christmas gifts as opposed to charming souvenirs, plan a visit to Strøget.

Strøget is one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets. Stretching over a kilometre and off-limits to cars and buses, the street is in the heart of Copenhagen. It's lined with dozens of stores, many of them well-known clothing brands.

You'll finally luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and Prada alongside budget-friendly retailers like H&M and Zara.

Mixed in are plenty of local favourites as well.

Browse traditional china fit for a queen at the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store. Warm your hands and your stomach with an organic sausage from the hot dog stand, DØP.

You'll also find plenty of restaurants here perfect for taking a break from shopping.

3. Ice Skate in a Winter Wonderland

Copenhagen fully embraces its winter wonderland appeal. So it's no surprise that outdoor ice rinks dot the city.

Admission to these ice skating rinks is free, making this a great activity for travellers on a budget. Although unless you crammed ice skates in your carry-on, you will need to rent a pair to enjoy this outdoor activity.

If you're dreaming of the perfect Instagram shots of your visit to Copenhagen in winter, head to the closest ice rink!

4. Visit Tivoli Gardens

Denmark boasts not only the oldest amusement park in the world, Dyrehavsbakken, but also the second oldest. Tivoli Gardens holds that title, and it's located right in the middle of Copenhagen.

Open since 1843, Tivoli Gardens is open year-round. But in November and December, it goes from a charming theme park to a fairytale land, coated in snow and covered in Christmas lights

In short, the park turns into a giant Christmas Market, lined with shops and food stands. You can even still ride the rides, as long as you don't mind the chill.

5. Take a Canal Cruise

While any water activity might seem out of place during the winter months, in Copenhagen, its a must-do.

That's because in the city's most famous colourful-home-lined port, Nyhavn, many boats decorate for Christmas. 

A one-hour canal tour will take you past these Christmas-decorated boats, as well as many other city icons like the Little Mermaid statue. You'll also pass some of the city's Christmas markets on the way.

Plan your canal cruise near the start of your trip to Copenhagen. It will give a great chance to learn a bit about the layout of the city before you start wandering around it on foot.

6. Warm Up and Fill Up at a Food Market

Christmas markets aren't the only place to shop and wander in Copenhagen.

Whether you're hungry for lunch or a snack or just want to check out the local cuisine, head to one of the city's food markets.

While they may be a little less decorated than the Christmas markets, they're every bit as charming.

You can sample traditional Danish Christmas dishes, fresh cheeses, meats, and more. Wash it down with a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate, or your favourite brew. You'll find Gløgg here as well!

If you'll be visiting after Christmas is over, the Christmas markets will be gone, but the food markets will definitely still be open! This makes them a must-see for anyone visiting Copenhagen in February or any time of year!

7. Relax in a Sauna

If there's one thing that Dane's have mastered, it's the art of relaxation and self-care. That might be why you'll find saunas and hot spas sprinkled throughout the city.

If you decide to try one out on your visit, you'll have plenty of options. There are spas with a view of the water, traditional saunas in giant wooden tubs, and even spas located on boats that float through the harbour while you relax.

8. Explore a Historic Castle

Denmark's castles are beautiful any time of year. But they take on a magical atmosphere when a light snow starts falling on their spires.

There are a number of castles in and around Copenhagen. Plan a day trip to the picturesque Egeskov Castle, or visit the 400-year-old Rosenborg Castle, located in the heart of Copenhagen.

Choosing the Perfect Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

Choosing the perfect things to do in Copenhagen in winter depends on how long you have to spend on the city and what kind of activities you enjoy most.

If you're looking to relax during your trip, don't try to squeeze in too much. Schedule a sauna visit and spend an afternoon or two wandering Christmas markets. 

If you're trying to see as much of the city as possible, make a plan to help ensure you can get to everything you want to do.

No matter how you choose to spend your days, you'll want a comfortable place to lay your head when its finally time to rest. Book your stay with us and you'll not only get the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring the city, but we'll also help you save money that you can spend on Gløgg and souvenirs instead!

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