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Fascinating Things to See During Your Copenhagen Travels

14 Dec 2019

If you're planning a trip to Denmark, while your itinerary may be full, don't forget these fascinating and unusual stops during your travels to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe. In 2016, 1.66 million tourists visited the Danish capital. If you're planning a getaway to the home of Hans Christian Andersen, you should know the hottest spots.

Do you know which attractions are tourist traps and which are worth your time and money? Where should you go while exploring Copenhagen by foot?

We're here to help you make your trip to this magical city unforgettable. Our experts have scoured the streets and found the best things to do in Copenhagen. 

Ready to take advantage of our knowledge and have an incredible holiday? Then read on, and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

1. Tivoli Gardens

The second-oldest theme park in the world, Tivoli is unlike anywhere else on Earth. It's a place where incredible Victorian architecture rubs shoulders with nature and fun is the order of the day.

Located in the city centre, it's near a huge range of Copenhagen hotels, and just 30 minutes from Hotel Østerport.

Be sure to visit the Chinese-styled Pantomimeteatret, which resembles a giant peacock, take a ride on the merry-go-round, and enjoy a show by the park's own symphony orchestra.

We'd particularly recommend visiting during the evening. When darkness falls, Tivoli is bedecked with colourful lanterns. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen, and enjoy a peaceful evening!

2. Freetown Christiana

For those with a new-age heart, Christiana is an essential destination. Founded by squatters in the 1970s, this area has always been the rebel heart of Copenhagen. 

The local by-laws forbid violence, weapons, theft, and hard drugs. However, marijuana is openly sold in the Green Light District.

Grab a meal at one of the wonderful local restaurants, such as Cafe Loppen or Morgenstedet. Take a meditation or yoga class, and check out the smoky atmosphere of Jazzklubben.

Christiana is a hippie commune in all but legal status. It's unique in Cophenhagen, Denmark, Europe and the world.

3. Designmuseum Danmark

Danish design is renowned around the world for its blend of functionality, minimalism, and beauty. If you're a fan of the recent hygge trend or have ever admired the Danish-designed Sydney Opera House, a visit to the Designmuseum is a must.

The museum features a permanent exhibit of beautiful Danish chairs and high fashion. The prime temporary exhibit at the time of writing is on 100 years of Bauhaus design.

The museum cafe is inspired by Copenhagen fashion. Check out the gift shop for unusual industrial souvenirs!

4. Noma

For the foodies amongst you, a visit to Noma will rank among your favourite things to do in Copenhagen. This restaurant boasts two Michelin stars and specializes in new nordic cuisine. 

The restaurant's menu changes with the seasons. At the time of writing, it is serving up game meat. From January-June, the restaurant's menu is seafood-based. From June-October, the menu is based around seasonal vegetables.

It is recommended that you book well in advance. This restaurant is world-famous, and getting a table is a task. But, once you're in, you'll find it's worth every bit of effort.

5. Two Little Mermaids

The Little Mermaid statue is one of the most-visited statues in the world. It is definitely worth the visit, too: the mermaid perches on a rock on the Langelinie and is a beautiful piece of art. 

However, she isn't the only mermaid in Copenhagen, and how many cities can boast that?

A few hundred meters from the original, you can see the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid. Created by Danish professor Bjørn Nørgaard, this statue features a warped, somewhat unsettling mermaid. 

If you're a fan of his work, visit the Dahlerups Pakhus. Here, you can see more strange statues of figures including the Madonna, Christ, and Eve.

6. Rundetårn

Built in 1642, the Rundetårn is a beautiful slice of Copenhagen history. This tower was built as an observatory. When the observatory closed in the 19th Century, it found another use: a race track.

There are no stairs inside this tower. Instead, a corridor spirals its way to the top of the tower.

Athletes have run it, and cars have driven it. A unicycle has even been ridden to the top! How fast do you think you could reach the top of this fantastic building?

7. Grundtvig’s Church

When you think of expressionism, architecture probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind. This church, just outside Copenhagen, may change your mind. 

The church's stunning facade is styled after a church organ. Inside, the church is serene, beautiful and minimalist. 

Get the M2 Metro out to Bispebjerg, and see one of the most beautiful churches ever built.

8. The National Aquarium

Want an overload of cuteness? Then seeing the sea otters at the National Aquarium will be one of your favourite things to do in Copenhagen!

This huge aquarium, located by the sea, also features a huge tank with an underwater tunnel. Stroll beneath the water and gaze in wonder as sharks and stingrays swim above you.

If you love animals or the ocean, then you need to see this place. The largest aquarium in Northern Europe, you're going to be entranced by its amazing marine life.

9. The North Atlantic House

Travelling is about seeing other cultures. At The North Atlantic House, you can experience three different nations at once! This museum is dedicated to showcasing the best of Icelandic, Greenlandic and Faroese culture.

Here, you can watch films and dances, admire art, and eat incredible food from these three countries. 

A truly unique thing to do in Copenhagen, we bet you'll want to visit the North Atlantic islands after this!

10. The Throne of Denmark

As the legend goes, this throne is made of unicorn horns. We'd almost buy that. This incredible throne was made in the late 1600s and features beautiful spiralling legs and golden figures. 

It's guarded by three huge silver lions, as it was inspired by the Throne of Solomon. 

A museum piece unlike any other, you can find the throne in the Castle of Rosenborg.

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