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A Family Affair: 8 Amazing Things to Do with Kids in Copenhagen

28 Mar 2019

A trip to Copenhagen can be full of fun and memories for the whole family if you know where to go. Try these tips for things to do with kids in Copenhagen.


In 2017, Denmark's hotel industry reported a staggering 52.4 million bed nights. 26.7 million of that were for international tourists.

All in all, the country welcomed over 28.69 million tourists that year. That's four times more than the entire nation's population!

Of course, a visit to Denmark won't be complete if you don't see its capital, the Wonderful Copenhagen. For starters, because it's the most liveable European City (again) this 2019. Also, because it's one of the happiest places on earth.

Plus, it's a haven for families, with so many sights to see and things to do with kids!

But with hundreds of places and activities to choose from, where do you start?

Keep reading, as we’ve rounded up eight of Copenhagen’s most fun activities and attractions for kids. Be sure to include as many of them in your next family affair!

1. Go Through as Many Rides as You Can at the Tivoli Gardens

With more than 20 different rides, Tivoli Gardens has something to offer to all ages. There are the classics, like the carousel, Ferris wheel, bump cars, and the roller coaster. More thrilling rides await older kids, like "The Demon" and "The Golden Tower".

The amusement park also specialises in seasonal events, like their Eastern illuminations show. No matter the time of your visit, be it winter or summer, your kids will love the park's seasonal festivities. Tivoli in snow is especially beautiful and is one of Copenhagen’s best winter activities.

2. Gaze in Awe at Polar Bears at the Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo is home to thousands of fascinating species, including polar bears. In fact, it has an entire area, called "The Arctic Ring", dedicated to arctic species. Your kids are sure to squeal when they see the snowy owls, arctic foxes, and grey wolves here.

There are also animal species from Asia, Africa, Tasmania, and South America. The Tropical Zoo houses the rare Java mouse-deer as well as West African crocodiles. Younger kids will also love looking at and learning about the farm animals at the Children's Zoo.

If you're up to it, take the kids up the Zoo Tower, which stands about 143 feet (43.5 metres) high. It's one of the tallest wooden observation towers in the world and affords amazing views of the city.

3. Visit the Colourful Underwater World of The Blue Planet

Only about a kilometre from the Copenhagen Airport lies The Blue Planet. It's the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, making it a must-see while you and the kids are in the capital. It houses over 20,000 fishes and 450 species.

In fact, the facility's unique whirling architectural design can already wow anyone. As soon as your kids step inside, fresh and saltwater animals are ready to greet them. These include sharks like hammerheads, groupers, piranhas, and anacondas.

4. Relax and Picnic at the Superkilen Park

Superkilen Park is one of the best alternatives to usual Copenhagen activities. This sprawling urban park, nestled in the Quarter of Mimersgade, boast of three areas.

The Black Market is your classic space to relax on benches and gaze at pretty fountains. The Green Park has picnic areas to relax in while your kids run around playing hopscotch or kickball. The Red Square is where you'll find music, sports, and restaurants.

The park is a great place to spend a couple of hours in, plus it's near other places to visit for kids. There's the Escape Room, which is only about 1.2 km from the park. The Zoologisk Museum, Grundtvig Church, and Assistens Cemetery are also nearby.

5. Do Some Time Travelling at the National Children’s Museum

Want to let your little ones feel what being a 19th-century school kid felt like? Then be sure to take them to the National Children's Museum! Younger boys will also love the replica Viking ship here as well as the mummies.

There are even Manga exhibitions and Cosplay activities that your kids (and you) can enjoy. Besides, the entrance is quite cheap, at only 75 DDK (that's about GBP 8.60).

6. Bring Out the Artist in Your Kids at The National Gallery

Will you be in Copenhagen with kids on a Sunday? Then take the little ones to the National Gallery of Denmark and sign them up with the special art workshop. An artist-instructor will teach them how to sculpt, paint, or sketch.

Or, they can also explore the exhibitions in Denmark’s largest art museum. There's a lot of inspiring masterpieces to see here, as it houses more than 700 years' worth of art. You also get to enjoy amazing views of the surrounding area as your kids play art-related board games.

7. Get Your Kids to Love Science at The Experimentarium

About 6 km from Copenhagen is the Experimentarium, home to some of the most fun things to do in Copenhagen. It's a world-class facility (and playground) for everything Science. They always have shows, demonstrations, and exhibitions that can make anyone love Science.

For instance, there's The Yeast Cell exhibition, where kids learn about micro-organisms. The Puzzler is perfect for younger kids who love, well, puzzles and Maths challenges. There's also The Miniverse, a great spot for kids between ages 1 and 5.

8. Saturday Shopping at the Flea Market

Are you and the kids ready for some treasure hunting? Then include visiting the Frederiksberg flea market in your itinerary. It opens every Saturday and there are almost a hundred stalls to peruse.

Goods here range from old toys to intricately-designed wooden boxes to shoes. The search itself is fun enough, but with so many things on sale, you're bound to find something to take home with you.

Plan Your Copenhagen Itinerary with these Things to Do with Kids

These are only eight of the best things to do with kids during a trip to Copenhagen. But they're a good place to start, especially for your first visit. And in case you miss some, that’s a good enough reason to come back.

Be sure to check out our ultimate Copenhagen travel guide too! That way, you can better prepare and make the most out of your visit to Denmark's capital.

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