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9 Amazing Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Copenhagen

05 Mar 2020

It's predicted that if the world goes vegan we could avoid $1.5 trillion worth of climate damages. 

Although we've seen a huge increase in veganism over the last few years, the entire world isn't there yet. 

This means anyone who is vegan and wants to go travelling has a harder time finding delicious food in some places. Thankfully, Denmark isn't one of them. 

It's very easy to find vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen. Make sure you add a few of these to your must-visit list. 

1. VeVe Serves Vegan Food from Around the World

Everything from the staff to the wines is incredible at this restaurant. The food is exquisite and could be described as somewhat of an experience.

When you arrive at VeVe, you will be greeted and shown to a seat where they provide you with beautifully-presented snacks and a drink. 

After looking through the creative menu, you'll be asked what you'd like and whether you want to pair each course with a wine.

This vegetarian menu also caters for vegans, not just by removing all animal products, but by revamping your meal with vegan products.

Although this restaurant isn't cheap, it's the perfect place to visit for a romantic night in the city if you're looking for a creative culinary experience.

2. Feel Relaxed at Social 

If a night of expensive dining isn't on the cards for you, then visit Social instead. This cafe is very chill and overlooks Copenhagen's lakes. 

You'll find classics such as avocado toast and tasty yoghurt and granola breakfasts. This is the perfect place to bring your laptop, drink a flat white, and gaze out of the huge window.

Find Social at Peblinge Dossering 4, kld. th, 2200. 

3. Eat Sustainably at Souls

Do you give a fork about the planet? Souls' catchphrase is great at making you think about where your food is coming from.

Souls know that the best way to reduce our impact on the plant is to eat fewer cow products. As a result, it only serves sustainable, organic, vegan and often gluten-free produce.

You'll find this restaurant by looking out for the large surfboards next to the front door. Expect sumptuous meals involving avocado, chilli, and tasty smoothie bowls.

Find Souls at Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364.

4. Gemyse Tivoli is Located in an Old Amusement Park

If you're visiting Copenhagen, you'll likely already have heard of Tivoli. But, did you know this 19th-century amusement park hides a restaurant serving delicious vegan food?

Nimb Gemyse offers elaborate vegan dishes that are very filling despite their small size. Don't miss the chance to drink a cocktail while sitting by the fire outside either!

You may find that this restaurant is a little pricey, but if you're looking for delicious food after a long day out, it will be welcome.

Find Gemyse Tivoli at Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, 1620. 

5. California Kitchen Makes Americans Feel at Home

Anyone travelling from the US who misses the taste of healthy Californian meals will love it here. There are four different California Kitchen restaurants located around the city. 

Meals are served in bowls. Don't miss the Mexicali bowls that pack a punch in terms of flavour and value. Order coconut water for extra nutrients.

This company is working on creating environmentally friendly meals that are delicious and reasonably priced. 

Find California Kitchen at Vesterbrogade 58, 1620 and beyond.

6. Plant Power Food to Power the People

Ever fancied eating a charcoal burger? How does mixed roots mash sound? Plant Power Food is one of the best places for vegans in the city. 

The menu is extensive and the restaurant offers plant-based cuisine from 10 am until 10 pm.

Don't miss the delicious smoothies served at this restaurant that are made using seasonal ingredients to lower their impact on the planet.

Find Plant Power Food at Fælledvej 15.

7. Eat Porridge at GRØD 

Are you looking for a nutritious way to start your day of travel around Denmark? You can't go wrong with a huge bowl of porridge. 

This cafe has grød (aka porridge) on the menu! Toppings range from delicious apple and almond to dulce de leche caramel. 

Luckily, this breakfast option isn't expensive so you won't break the bank by stopping here.

Find GRØD at Jægersborggade 50.

8. Flavour Bastards is 100% Vegan 

After a long day exploring the best museums in the city, you want a meal that will fill you up and energize you once more. That's where Flavour Bastards comes in. 

This vegan eatery offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch. However, its odd opening times mean you need to check online before you go. For example, it's closed on a Monday and Tuesday. 

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers flavourful meals and, even though everything is vegan, you can find staples such as omelettes and waffles.

Find Flavour Bastards at Ravnsborggade 12D.

9. Matcha Bar Serves Tasty Matcha Tea

If the hustle and bustle of the city is getting to you, then Matcha Bar is the perfect place to relax. It is a serene location with a minimalistic, Asian vibe. 

You'll be able to drink scrumptious matcha tea and eat vegan wares including cakes, avocado and almond on Nordic crispbread, and salads.

The aesthetics of this bar make it the perfect place for Instagrammers to spend some time taking the perfect shot for social media. 

Find Matcha Bar at Magasin Du Nord, 2nd Floor, Kongens Nytorv 13.

Vegetarian Restaurants are Easy to Find in Copenhagen

After visiting all these vegetarian restaurants, you'll be feeling very full and satisfied.

Vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen are numerous so you don't need to worry about going hungry during your time here. 

Now you know where you're eating, it's time to figure out where you're sleeping. Get in contact to book your cheap hotel room at Hotel Østerport. 

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