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8 Hidden Spots to Visit on Your Trip to Copenhagen

08 Mar 2019

8 Hidden Spots to Visit on Your Trip to Copenhagen

We've all heard about the classic tourist spots in Copenhagen, but what about the hidden spots? Here are 8 of the best alternative things to do in Copenhagen.

In 2014, there were 23.6 million tourists that visited Denmark. Are you planning on making a trip there yourself?

Copenhagen, the capital, is a must see if you're planning a trip to the beautiful country. While you should see the classic tourist spots, there are also many other things you can do and see while you're in the city that will make your trip stand out from everyone else's. 

We've all heard about the classic tourist spots in Copenhagen, but what about the hidden spots? Here are 8 of the best alternative things to do in Copenhagen.

1. Superkilen Park

Superkilen Park will be perfect for showing off on your Instagram

The park is divided into three different sections based on colour:

  • The Black Market
  • The Red Square
  • The Green Park

Each section of the park has a different colour theme. 

For example, the Red Square has a walkway that is completely designed and coloured with interesting angles and lines that range from orange to pink to red. 

The Black Market features black asphalt with zigzagging and curving white lines that give the sense of an illusion.

The Green Park isn't as noticeable as the other two; it is more of a traditional green park but still beautiful nonetheless. 

As if the colours weren't enough to convince you to visit, some of the features including benches, street lights, and trash cans that are found in different sections of the park are all imported from different countries. 

The park was opened in 2012 to symbolize the connections to other countries.

2. Assistens Cemetery

Many famous people are associated with Copenhagen, including Hans Christian Andersen and Hans Scherfig. 

If you like a little bit of history and want to see where they were buried, just visit Assitens Cemetery. These aren't the only two people buried here; there are 300,000 graves located here.

You can go there yourself or you can find a guided tour to show you around. Viewing this beautiful cemetery is a great way to experience the culture of Copenhagen. While this is a cemetery, it is actually not a sad and gloomy place, so you don't have to worry about it putting a damper on your trip. 

3. Queen Louise's Bridge 

If you love architecture or taking pictures of it, this would be a great stop to add to your list.

This bridge connects the Nørrebro neighbourhood with Copenhagen and was built in 1887.

It was originally built to help ease the traffic, but now the car lanes are smaller, and the pedestrian and bike lanes are even wider. 

Now, it's a regular hang out spot for tourists and perfect for a nice way to relax with your friends. 

4. Floss

If you find yourself craving a drink and want an authentic, local, hole-in-the-wall bar, the Floss is a great place to go.

It's small and smoky, but it's where all the punk and rock bands go to hang out and perform, and they've been going there since the 90s. 

To make this even better, they offer pretty cheap beer. If you have time, their happy hour is every day from 10 to 11 p.m.

5. The Meatpacking District

If you're looking for a trendy and hipster place to find some good food, this may be your best bet.  This used to be the center for Copenhagen's meat packing industry, but now it is converted into a great place to go and find food.

There you can find restaurants that have everything from seafood to Italian to burgers. You can even find gourmet food and cocktails here. 


6. Wehrmacht Graffiti

If you want to see some interesting history, you can actually visit somewhere in Copenhagen to see Nazi graffiti.

Wehrmacht graffiti is definitely one of the underrated attractions in this city. 

In the 1940s, the Nazis took control over Copenhagen. This area where they had the graffiti was a building that they used to store their food and potatoes. The Nazis were in charge of guarding the food to make sure that none of it was stolen.

That must've been an incredibly boring job because the soldiers left different engravings on the walls. Some are just names and small drawings, but there are also some interesting ones. 

Some carvings from later are interesting because the Nazis started questioning their leadership.

Today, there is even more modern graffiti to see.  

7. Warehouse9

If you are more of an arts person, this option may be the best for you. 

This small spot is a hot spot for underground art, and there is nothing about it is normal. There are portable toilets, a homemade bar, and weird parties and art to see.

Their mission is to make you see the world differently and challenge your believes and ideas. They want to push the boundaries of society. 

If this is something you're into, consider checking this out. 

8. Grundtvig's Church

Churches are always underrated landmarks and attractions, and this one is worth checking out.

Grundtvig's Church in Copenhagen is Gothic-style and looks almost like a church organ.

The church is massive, sporting 259 feet long and a nave that is 72 feet. Inside, it is about as big as Copenhagen Cathedral, another popular church in the city.

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