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5 Reasons Why Copenhagen is a Must See Destination For Every Traveler

22 Jan 2020

Copenhagen is a Must-See Destination For Every Traveler

Visiting Denmark is an item that is sure to be on every traveller's bucket list. Here are the top five reasons that people are flocking to this location.

The number of people visiting Denmark and Copenhagen is growing year on year. In 2017, there were 262,000 tourists from China alone. What is it that's driving this tourist boom?

Scandinavia has drawn tourists from around Europe for decades, but there's something special about visiting Copenhagen. For years, this city was the seat of capital over all of Scandinavia, ruling over the Kalmar Union of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden for over 100 years. Today, Copenhagen is home to diverse cultural activities, amazing food, and stunning scenery.

No matter where you hail from, whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, visiting Copenhagen is a spectacular experience.

Do you want to learn more about what makes this beautiful city so special? Then read on, and discover the true magic of Copenhagen.

1. Copenhagen is Rich in History

Copenhagen has an astoundingly rich heritage. The area around the city has been inhabited since at least the Stone Age, while the Viking Age heralded the city's foundation.

When you're visiting Copenhagen, this history is all around you. It's impossible to walk down the cobbled streets without tasting the history of the city all around you. 

If you want to learn more about the city's history, there are a ton of fascinating museums that can teach you more. One of the must-see travel destinations when visiting Denmark is the National Museum.

Located in the stunning Prince's Palace, the museum has exhibits from across every epoch of history. The National Museum also plays host to the untouched Victorian home of Klunkehjemmet. 

We would also recommend a trip to Rosenborg Castle. Here, you can see the beautiful craftsmanship of the Throne of Denmark. Modelled on the throne of King Solomon, it is flanked by silver lions and is carved from narwhal tusk.

2. The City Boasts Some of the World's Best Restaurants

If you're a foodie, Copenhagen is one of the best places to vacation. The city's culinary wonders are slightly more well-known than they used to be, but it is still one of its better-kept secrets. 

When you're visiting Copenhagen, a trip to Noma is key. This world-class contemporary Nordic restaurant has a menu that changes based on the seasons, so you are assured of top-quality fresh food, no matter when you go. At present, Noma is in its seafood season, which will transition to the vegetable season come early summer.

While Noma may be one of the best-known restaurants, it's far from the only one you should try when visiting Denmark.

Would you like to try traditional Scandinavian fare with a difference? Then head to Selma. This restaurant takes the traditional lunch of smørrebrød and gives it an inspired twist, with toppings including elderflower herring and buckwheat.

If you're looking for something at the budget end of the spectrum, Juno is perhaps the best bakery in town. Situated in Østerbro, you need to try their cardamom buns.

3. The Walkable City Contains a Range of Wonderful Diverse Neighbourhoods

Whatever you're interested in, there will be a neighbourhood in Copenhagen that can give it to you. 


Do you want to see modern, multicultural Copenhagen? Then take a trip to Nørrebro.

Nørrebro is home to 55 different nationalities, who have all made their mark. Here, you can find food including liquid nitrogen ice cream, amazing vegan food, fantastic thrift shops, bars of every kind, and more. If you want a break from the bustle, visit Assistens Cemetery, where Hans Christian Andersen is buried.

A walk through Nørrebro will show you hip, contemporary Copenhagen at its very best. 


Interested in visiting Copenhagen's more upscale end? Then you need to visit Frederiksberg.

This neighbourhood has a wide array of fancy boutiques and restaurants to thrill even the most sophisticated tourists. The area's gardens are home to a beautiful castle and several lakes, which provide some much-needed tranquillity.

If you visit in winter, don't forget your skates! You'll find an ice rink at the gardens' entrance during the colder months.

Freetown Christiania

Famous around the world, this hippie commune is like nowhere else on Earth. The area is home to bakeries, jazz clubs, and marijuana stalls.

This area is a display of tolerance and progressiveness that is a hallmark of Scandinavia. Get a guided tour and enjoy the freedom! 

4. Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth

Forget Disneyland - Denmark is officially the happiest place on the planet. According to a recent report, the nation can't be topped for its population's happiness. Why is this?

We think there are several different factors at play.

The quality of life can't be beaten: Copenhagen's cafes, bars, restaurants, and culture are world-leading. We're a healthy bunch too, with cycling a way of life for the average Dane. Finally, there's hygge, the idea that cosiness, warmth, and relaxation are paramount. 

There's only one way to really understand why we're the happiest people on Earth - by visiting Denmark!

5. Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold

Some destinations are tricky due to their climate. If you want to visit in summer, you must be prepared to bake. If you want to visit in winter, prepare to freeze.

Visiting Copenhagen is easy. Most visitors come in the summer when the average high is around 22 degrees and the average low is around 14 degrees. Even in the winter, you shouldn't expect the mercury to dip below -1 degrees very often.

Whenever you're visiting Denmark, you shouldn't have any trouble seeing the city. Just get out there and enjoy it. 

Visiting Denmark: A Destination Like No Other

We hope that we've got you interested in visiting Denmark! Do you have any questions about our hotel or Copenhagen? Then get in touch with us by emailing!

If you're looking at visiting Copenhagen, why not stay with us? We offer a wide range of room types for every budget, so a stay in Hotel Østerport will always be a comfortable one!

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