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Our recommendations for what to do in Copenhagen

Our recommendations for what to do in Copenhagen

Are you visiting Copenhagen? You can easily have a great time! 

We're sharing what you should consider to do in Copenhagen here in our blog posts.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a must see if you're planning a trip to our beautiful country. While you should see the classic tourist spots, there are also many other things you can do and see while you're in the city that will make your trip stand out from everyone else's. 

The Best Times of the Year to Book A Hotel in Copenhagen
01 May 2018

Now that you know you want to travel to Copenhagen, you need to find the right time to go! We're sharing the best times to book a hotel in Copenhagen here!

There is no "right" way to travel. Everyone travels differently. Some people prefer luxury while others prefer to "rough it." Some people love bus travel, while others prefer train or rental car. Some people can't stand hot weather and would rather travel in winter.

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What to Consider When Finding Hotels in Copenhagen
01 Apr 2018

Planning your first trip to Copenhagen? We're sharing what you should consider when finding hotels in Copenhagen in this post!

Over the past 1,000 years, Copenhagen has grown from a Viking fishing village into the historical and cultural Scandinavian hub it is today.

Following the turn of the century, Copenhagen has only strengthened its poise as the cultural, economic, and governmental center of Denmark.

Due to ongoing investment in the city's institutions and infrastructure, Copenhagen has become one of the leading Scandinavian business... read more