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11 Best Bars And Night Clubs To Dance Your Night Away In Copenhagen

03 Sep 2019

Are you the life of a party and are new to Copenhagen? Well, Copenhagen might be the best city for you as it gets lively in the night. There are so many bars and clubs with different ambience for different people. Are you worried that you might not find clubs that play your kind of music?

Clubs that fit in with you? Stop worrying about it all. You did right by coming to experience Copenhagen nightlife. Read our best picks of bars and nightclubs to have a memorable visit.

1. KB18

KB18 a club located in one of the many Meatpacking district alleys. KB18 is popular among the residents and tourists for its amazing selection of music, and if you enjoy well-packed clubs, consider going to KB18 on the weekends.

It’s during the weekend when all the magic happens where the club welcomes its customers for both live concerts and events with DJs. The club also hosts famous celebrities from time to time.

The upcoming artists also get to perform on their stages and the best seller for the club is its electronic music but it doesn’t mean that it does not play other music genres. The club remains open till late if you crave for unending fun. The KB18 club is the place to be.

2. Sigurdsgade 39

Sigurdsgade 39 is one of the most popular clubs in Nørrebro. If you have ever been toNørrebrothen you know how big of a deal Sigurdsgade 39 is. The club hosts numerous weekend concerts as well as popular celebrities.

The club’s location is appropriate for both those using public service or private vehicle. The clubs surrounding is secure, so you don’t need to worry about your safety in case you leave in the late hours.

Sigurdsgade 39 plays all kinds of music from jazz, hip hop, soul and disco music among others, thus the wide variety of music accommodates the needs of everyone who visits the club. Do you want to have endless fun? Pay Sigurdsgade 39 a visit.

3. Bakken Kbh

The Bakken Kbh is another club among the many located on Meatpacking district alleys. The club prides itself with the “Brandy Thursdays” events that it holds weekly and also holds live concerts for its guests. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have DJ sets.

Bakken Kbh has some of the best DJs in town. Rest assured, you won’t regret going to the club. Aside from the normal club entertainment, Bakken Kbh also serves burgers known for their amazing taste. Do you want to have some? Go get them before 10 pm.

4. The Ideal Bar

The Ideal Bar is one of the city’s best clubs as its popular for its varied selection of beers, exotic wines, and fine cocktails. The location of the Ideal Bar is also a seller on its own, at the centre of Vega, one of the most popular concert venues in the city.

You know what this means right? You get to enjoy the best music, the best live performances, and awesome company. If you are still not sure where to have a night to remember, make your way to Ideal Bar in Vega and you will never forget.

5. The Jolene Bar

The Jolene Bar has a reputation for its loud music and its industrial style. The interior decor is also eye-catching with many flashy lights and disco balls while the dance floor is vibrant with an amazing sound system.

You can’t afford to miss such a club as its location at the heart of Meatpacking District makes it have a free atmosphere. You won’t have to worry about it early closing down due to neighbour’s complaints.

6. The Jane Club

The Jane club prides itself with its experienced bartenders and its unique cocktails with a variety of beers, wines that will blow your mind. The club also has a selection of DJs known for hyping the crowds and keeping the guests entertained.

The club has comfy sofas in case you may not prefer to dance. You also don’t need to worry about its closing time as it closes in the early morning hours. Be sure to see the best of Copenhagen nightlife, the Jane Club.

7. Club Rust

The parties at Rust start from Thursdays till the weekend. The club has ample space for large masses. It occupies three floors of an amazingly designed building. The club hosts live concerts and DJ sets.

The club has different sections allowing you to take a break from dancing and the loud music whenever you want.

8. The Zoo Bar

As the name suggests, all that you’ll see and experience is totally different. The Zoo Bar, located at the heart of Copenhagen, has the city’s best DJs. The club has a wide selection of music genres making sure the guests don’t leave till 5 am.

The Zoo Bar is the perfect club for you if you want to break a sweat on the dance floor.

9. Culture Box

Are you a fan of electronic music? Behold, Culture Box is the best venue for electronic music in the whole of Denmark. It also features in the list of top electronic music venues in Europe. Electronic music is not all that the Culture Box has to offer.

The club frequently hosts international celebrities and offers a wide range of exotic drinks.

10. The KB3 Club

The KB3 club is famous in Copenhagen for its spacious bar counters and dance floor. Copenhagen nightlife is incomplete without KB3 Club. The club also hosts both national and international DJs to keep the ambience lively.

Since its grand opening six years back, the club records huge numbers of attendants yearning for its hype and drinks.

11. The Panama CPH Club

Majority of the residents of Copenhagen with a spot for nightclubbing never fail to mention Panama CPH while giving recommendations. The club is new in the city compared to many of its competitors.

However, this hasn’t stopped it from having packed dance floors. One of the biggest attractions within the club is a roof terrace that gives the guests a view of the Tivoli Gardens. It’s a sight to behold.

All You Need to Know About Copenhagen Nightlife

Stop underestimating your knowledge of the Copenhagen nightlife. From the list above, you now know 11 of the best and most popular clubs in the city. All that’s remaining is for you to try them out and recommend them to friends. Enjoy!

Read more on our blog on the Copenhagen nightlife and many other insights on the hotels and different places to visit in Copenhagen.


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