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The Best Times of the Year to Book A Hotel in Copenhagen

01 May 2018

Now that you know you want to travel to Copenhagen, you need to find the right time to go! We're sharing the best times to book a hotel in Copenhagen here!

There is no "right" way to travel. Everyone travels differently. Some people prefer luxury while others prefer to "rough it." Some people love bus travel, while others prefer train or rental car. Some people can't stand hot weather and would rather travel in winter.

Some places do have their seasons. Unless you're wanting to partake in festivals, don't visit southern New Mexico mid-summer. Unless you love frostbite, don't visit North Dakota mid-winter. 

When it comes to traveling in Europe, you see many kinds of travelers there as well. And Copenhagen is no different. 

But no matter what your travel preferences are, you probably will have to book some sort of accommodation. And booking a hotel in Copenhagen will be easier and cheaper if you know when to book and when to visit. 

Book A Hotel In Copenhagen In The Summer

We all love summer. Regardless of where this season catches you, it’s hard not to try and make the most of it!

In Copenhagen, the summer is incredibly green, beautiful and festive. Situated between Sweden and Germany, this Danish town doesn't burn exceedingly hot in the summer. 

It stays anywhere between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit between the months of May and September. Which makes it an excellent place to visit in the summer if you aren't too miffed by crowded streets and masses of bumbling tourists with dangerous selfie sticks.

If you're looking for a hotel in Copenhagen in the summer, you definitely should book early, as in more than six months early. Hotels fill up fast during the summer months in Copenhagen and you really do want to stay someplace decent.

What are some things to do in Copenhagen during the summer to make your trip worth it?

Visit The Hippy Commune Christiana

This town is actually independent and self-governed. It was founded in 1971 by a bunch of squatters and artists on an abandoned military base. 

It's a gritty place. The walls are covered with the most unique and often the most artistic graffiti you'll find anywhere. 

Enjoy The Brightness Of The Architecture

While Copenhagen architecture is varied and colorful all year round. It's not like someone goes around painting the town black every fall. It is much brighter in the summer.  

With the sun much higher in the sky, you'll have more time to enjoy the stately cathedrals, crumbling castles, and technicolor houses.

You can even visit Hamlet's Kronborg Castle

For The Intense Nightlife

Europeans love to go clubbing or just like to go out for a relaxing night on the town. And the people of Copenhagen really know how to make the night last. 

Copenhagen boasts some of the most unique bars in Europe. You'll find that Meatpacking District has the most to offer when it comes to nightlife.

The Bakken Kbh is a quieter bar for a more relaxed night out. Or you could try the Culture Box if you're more into electronica and a little beat. The crowds of tourists make clubbing even more intense in Copenhagen during the summer. 

Book A Hotel In Copenhagen In The Winter For A Budget

If you don't care to spend the equivalent of Fort Knox on your vacation to Copenhagen, come in the winter. It may be colder. But it's still Copenhagen. And it's still an incredible city.

Bring a few sweaters, though, because between the months of November and February it can be anywhere from 28 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. With the coldest month being January.

But if you catch a day when it snows in Copenhagen, it's like someone came along and frosted the whole city with vanilla frosting. It's purely angelic. And if there is the sunshine (a rarity in the winter), the whole city glints like quartz.

The whole world seems to come out when it snows in Copenhagen. You'll see all the locals out wondering at the beauty around them.

You can still rent a bike in Copenhagen during the winter. Yep. People still ride bikes during the winter there. And they do it with gusto. A full 56% of Copenhageners ride bikes to and from work or school. And it's really a sight to see. 

The city really is bike friendly with over 400 kilometers of bike lanes.

Sledding in the city is an amazing experience. And it's encouraged in Copenhagen. Sure, you won't be sliding down city streets. But the hills around Copenhagen are always there for a joy slide.

And, of course, there is always ice skating on the water when it's safe to do so. The city actually checks the ice for thickness and they post signs so you always know if it's safe or not.

Book A Hotel In Copenhagen In The Fall

Another off-season for Copenhagen is the Fall, although what is or isn't' offseason these days is starting to become a little fuzzy in Europe.

But the fall festivities in Copenhagen are some of the most magical in all the world.

You should most definitely visit Tivoli near Halloween. The Tivoli gardens decorate their grounds. And they use a total of 20,000 pumpkins.  

There is a Monsters Night Out Parade, and your kids, if you have kids, can hunt for Denmarks' biggest pumpkin. And you can ride their roller coasters that are alight with eerie green, orange, and red lights at night. 

And if you get too cold, you can visit the Design Museum in Copenhagen. You will see a plethora of industrial and applied arts in Denmark's largest museum. You can slip outside the museum during the day to enjoy the fall colors in the museum garden. And grab a famous Danish coffee at the museum cafe.


Really, anytime during the year is a great time to book a hotel in Copenhagen and visit. It's full of amazing architecture, culture, history, beauty, and happy people. 

Have you been to Copenhagen? When would you say is the best time to visit and what would you do if you could visit again? Let us know in the comments below.

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