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Are you visiting Copenhagen? You can easily have a great time! 

We're sharing what you should consider to do in Copenhagen here in our blog posts.

Copenhagen, the capital, is a must see if you're planning a trip to the beautiful country. While you should see the classic tourist spots, there are also many other things you can do and see while you're in the city that will make your trip stand out from everyone else's. 

Rain or Shine: Your Guide to the Weather in Copenhagen
19 Sep 2019

In 2016, over 1.66 million people travelled to Copenhagen, one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe. 

If you are interested in planning a trip to Copenhagen, you may be wondering what time of the year you should go. 

The city enjoys all four seasons, and you need to pack accordingly. Read our guide to the weather in Copenhagen.

What is the Weather in Copenhagen Like?

There are four distinctly different seasons in Copenhagen. This place has four different climates throughout the year, so you will have to pack differently if... read more

Danish Dishes to Try on Your Trip to Copenhagen
15 Sep 2019

If you’re traveling to Copenhagen, you’re definitely in for a culinary treat. You’ll find traditional Danish dishes as well as modern takes on the classics. From pastries to meatballs, you won’t go hungry sampling everything Copenhagen has to offer.

Over the past ten years, the Danish food scene has been associated with a movement called the New Nordic Cuisine. This movement reimagines traditional dishes and only uses hyper-local ingredients.

Whether you want to try the traditional or something more modern, any of the hotels in Copenhagen... read more

11 Best Bars And Night Clubs To Dance Your Night Away In Copenhagen
03 Sep 2019

Are you the life of a party and are new to Copenhagen? Well, Copenhagen might be the best city for you as it gets lively in the night. There are so many bars and clubs with different ambience for different people. Are you worried that you might not find clubs that play your kind of music?

Clubs that fit in with you? Stop worrying about it all. You did right by coming to experience Copenhagen nightlife. Read our best picks of bars and nightclubs to have a memorable visit.

1. KB18

KB18 a club located in one of the many Meatpacking district... read more

8 Must-See Copenhagen Art Attractions
13 Jun 2019

Want to take in the Copenhagen art scene? Check out these must-see attractions in this guide for Copenhagen for art lovers.

Denmark's capital city might only take you around 35 minutes to cross by bike, but a scenic cycle through Copenhagen would take you past at least 20 museums, as well as a wealth of art galleries and creative spaces. 

For art lovers, Copenhagen is a dream come true. The city's thriving art scene means that you're never more than a few steps from a classic exhibition, an architectural landmark, or hip new gallery. 

Check... read more

Copenhagen on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide for Penny Pinchers
14 May 2019

Copenhagen is famously one of the most expensive destinations on Earth. If you're looking to do Copenhagen on a budget, follow our complete guide.

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, has a notorious reputation for being very expensive. This means many backpackers end up avoiding the stunning, Scandinavian city. Despite its pricey rep, Denmark accounts for almost 50% of all tourism to the Nordic region.

Do you want to see what all the fuss is about, but are not sure you can afford it? You need to check out this helpful guide on how to see... read more