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A Family Affair: 8 Amazing Things to Do with Kids in Copenhagen
28 Mar 2019

A trip to Copenhagen can be full of fun and memories for the whole family if you know where to go. Try these tips for things to do with kids in Copenhagen.


In 2017, Denmark's hotel industry reported a staggering 52.4 million bed nights. 26.7 million of that were for international tourists.

All in all, the country welcomed over 28.69 million tourists that year. That's four times more than the entire nation's population!

Of course, a visit to Denmark won't be complete if you don't see its capital, the Wonderful Copenhagen. For starters,... read more

8 Hidden Spots to Visit on Your Trip to Copenhagen
08 Mar 2019

8 Hidden Spots to Visit on Your Trip to Copenhagen

We've all heard about the classic tourist spots in Copenhagen, but what about the hidden spots? Here are 8 of the best alternative things to do in Copenhagen.

In 2014, there were 23.6 million tourists that visited Denmark. Are you planning on making a trip there yourself?

Copenhagen, the capital, is a must see if you're planning a trip to the beautiful country. While you should see the classic tourist spots, there are also many other things you can do and see while you're in the city that... read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Cycling in Copenhagen
01 Mar 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen Cycling

Cycling is one of Copenhagen's favourite pastimes. Before you hop on a bike, read this guide to Copenhagen cycling.

Did you know that Copenhagen is the best bicycle city in the world?

It didn't earn this title for no reason! The Danish capital's innovation and investment in the world of cycling has impressed. And no wonder — Copenhagen spent €134 million over the last 10 years on improving cycling facilities and infrastructure.

There are bicycle-only bridges all over the city (and more in the... read more

Three days in Copenhagen - Cycling itinerary
11 Jan 2019

Our friends from Express your travel have written an article about their trip to Copenhagen. You can see a summary of the article down below in English or you can see the original article here.

Three days in Copenhagen - Cycling itinerary

The best way to visit Copenhagen is by bike. It allows you to enjoy the city to the full, as you would do by feet, but with the advantage of being faster and able to see all of the most important things in a few days. That's why we decided to suggest you a three-days itinerary in Copenhagen, obviously... read more

Frosty Adventures: The 8 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter
05 Dec 2018

Are you wondering whether it's too cold to enjoy yourself in Copenhagen this time of year? It's not! Here are 8 awesome things to do in Copenhagen in winter.

With twinkling lights reflecting in meandering canals and soft landscapes coated in snow, few things are more magical than Denmark in winter. And if you want to make the most of a visit to the country in the colder months, there's no better destination than Copenhagen.

From Christmas markets and food markets to ice rinks and canal tours, there is an endless number of things to do in... read more